House Rules

Below you will find a few straightforward guidelines for when you visit and use the Anderson House.


If you park on the street near the Anderson House, please make sure that you park in a legal spot. Please observe all posted signs. Do not block driveways. On Prospect Street, there is parking only on one side of the street.

We try to be a good neighbor to the houses around us. Unfortunately, illegal parking by visitors to the Anderson House has sometimes been an issue. Please be aware that if you park in a non-legal spot—even for what you think is a short time—you risk being ticketed, and that is out of our control.

Bad Weather

In almost all cases, the Anderson House will be closed if the Attleboro Public Schools are closed. Please check with your troop leader if you have any questions.

Keeping the House Clean

Every Girl Scout has heard the saying: “A Girl Scout always leaves a place better than she found it.” That’s definitely the policy at the Anderson House! We can’t afford a cleaning service to come in. Therefore, whether you’re a scout, leader, or visitor, please do your part to leave the place even just a little better than you found it. That means:

  • Please pick up all trash, and put it in a wastebasket.
  • Put tables and chairs back in a neat arrangement.
  • Make sure table surfaces are wiped clean from any crafts or food events.
  • Just look around and see what else should be done to tidy up the space a little bit. We really appreciate it!