Anderson House Events

The Anderson House is a busy place! With more than 20 Girl Scout troops meeting here, rarely does a day go by when the house is not filled with busy voices, laughter, learning, and projects.

In between the many activities, we also host and participate in fund-raising events, so we can help to support the girls’ activities.

Fall Fair

Throughout the year we’re on the lookout for vendors who make especially clever and beautiful crafts. Then from time to time, we gather them all together at the Anderson House for a craft fair. These are popular events!

Our last Fall Fair was November, 2023. When we have specifics about the next one, we’ll let you know here.

Cookie Sales

The Girl Scouts are world-famous for their cookie sales! Most people also know that those cookies are not available year-round, but instead happen in the first winter months of the year. If you’re looking for cookies during the sales season, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can get them for you.

Clothing Drives

Do you have any clothes or footwear that are worn out, or someone’s grown out of them, or you just don’t need anymore? You’ve come to the right place! We turn those clothes into funds to support our girls!

A couple of times a year we have a clothing drive, where we gather from the community lots and lots of bags filled with clothes and shoes. Then we work with organizations like Savers, where they accept those items. The money they pay all goes toward supporting the Anderson House and the girls.

Even though we do the clothing drive roughly twice a year, we accept clothes and shoes year-round! All we ask is that the items are clean, and you put them in kitchen-size (13-gallon) plastic bags. (Bags larger than this tend to tear from the weight.) If you are cleaning out your attic or closet and would like to arrange to drop those items off at the Anderson House any time during the year, please contact us here so we can arrange a time to meet you there. Thanks!

When we have specifics about the next clothing drive, you’ll be able to find them here. (Nothing at the moment.)