Our Supporters

The Anderson House exists today as a resource for local Girl Scouts thanks to the original gift of Arnold L. Anderson and the continuing and generous support of many individuals and organizations in our community.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Pat Westcott Foundation for their generous monetary donation.

Thank you to Melanie Walker of The Painted Turtle for her generous donation of equipment and supplies.

Thank you to the Augat Foundation for their very generous donation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the members of this wonderful organization who have funded us throughout the years.

Thanks to their recent gift, we will be able to replace and upgrade our entire fire alarm system.  We will also be able to provide internet service at the Scout House, which will open up many opportunities for our Scouts to work on badges and other projects.

The Anderson House is the only Scout House for miles around, and with  the help of the Augat Foundation, it will remain a welcoming place for the girls of Attleboro for many years to come.

On behalf of the Girl Scouts of Attleboro, thank you!

Thank you to the Rotary Club and Berndt Sanitation and Excavation for their generous donations toward the repair of a water main leak.

Thank you to our generous supporters who made our beautiful new flooring a reality:
(in alphabetical order) Amica Insurance; The Augat Foundation; The Westcott Foundation.

Our thanks to the people in the following organizations who helped us after the break-in and damage to the Anderson Scout House this past winter.  (in alphabetical order):

  • American Legion
  • Attleboro Fire Department
  • Attleboro Recreation Department
  • Attleboro School Department and Brennan Middle School
  • Attleboro YMCA, both the downtown and Pleasant St. branches
  • Fontaine Inspections of Pawtucket RI
  • Oak Knoll Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Second Congressional Church of Attleboro

Thank you to the Attleboro Police for their assistance throughout.  And thank you to Charlie Murch of Charlie Murch Plumbing and Heating for his quick response and fine work on our large repair job.